Do You Want a Very Different
Kind of Speaker?

Ron Lee, CSP, combines Eastern wisdom with Western ideals to
teach focus, personal power and greater achievement.


The Empowerment Masterclass

Discover your personal power and learn how to use it.


SPEAK! Taking Your Privates Public

Present better than most professional speakers in less than twelve hours


Energy Selling

How would you like to increase your sales without having to close?


“The power of any corporation, organisation or association is entirely dependent
on the inner strength of each individual in that corporation, organisation or association”
- Ron Lee

Globally known as “The Corporate Ninja”, Ron Lee, CSP*, is a Keynote Speaker, Executive Trainer and Consultant to some of the world’s top 100 corporations sports people and politicians on four continents. Ron’s conference presentations and Master Classes are entertaining, high-impact, interactive, effective and memorable.

* CSP is world’s highest designation in professional speaking; fewer than 7% of speakers are at this level.

Your presentation was described by many of our attendees as the best conference session they have ever seen.”

There is no doubting the impact of your presentation. There are a good number of people who have broken their own psychological barriers."

The real value and benefit of this course is that it teaches you all the things about presenting that other courses have no idea about.”

The results six months on have been exceptional. Teams have not only met but exceeded targets, some by as much as 200%.”