The aphorism, “a rising tide lifts all boats” was first applied to the economy, and it is also true for corporations and other organisations.

If the C-level executives and other management are confident, focused and internally powerful, everyone will look in the same direction, politics will be reduced, the entire organisation with be more productive and effective, revenue will increase and stakeholders will be happy.

This seminar is extremely interactive, and although your ethics, morals or religious beliefs will not be compromised, be prepared to leap out of your comfort zone.


  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Individuals


  • Through the power of the mind, demonstrate levels of physical and mental power that you previously didn’t believe would be possible.
  • Dramatically reduce your stress levels and be able to call on these techniques whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Increase your powers of perception and expression.
  • Learn the “Bushido” technique of negotiation.
  • Learn the secrets of inner strength.
  • Balance the seven areas of your life.
  • Be able to effortlessly cope with the unexpected. Know how to tap into your energy reserves.
  • As pandemonium is occurring about you, be totally relaxed and make decisions with clarity & certainty.
  • Learn basic self-defence techniques.
  • Turn negative energy into positive energy.
  • Neutralize your perceptions of issues, people and events that are controlling your life.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your immune system.
  • Learn how to use “chi” energy for self-empowerment.
  • Advance beyond “going with the flow” to “guiding the flow”.
  • Feel a significant increase in your personal power.
  • Feel totally invigorated.
  • Dissolve all barriers that are preventing you from accomplishing what you want to achieve.


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...our managers and representatives rated this our best ever conference and your segment was a vital component in ensuring that the conference concluded on a positive note.”

National Sales Manager, Pfizer

…there is no doubting the impact of your presentation…there are a good number of people who have broken their own psychological barriers and seen ‘beyond the problem’ which will no doubt have a positive impact on the way they do business for the future.”

Division Manager, Dick Smith Electronics

...the ‘value added part of your presentation was the very real philosophies you espoused which will be invaluable to all who participated.”

Deputy Chief Executive, Bank of Queensland

Thank you for your participation in what was described as “The best conference I have ever been to”…your message and the manner in which you delivered it gave you a huge point of differentiation which ensured we drove our company message home….you really stood out and we are very pleased we went with you.”

Managing Director, Mortgage Choice

Your keynote & platform sessions hit the nail on the head…Your enthusiasm, attitude and approach to life are a refreshing change and I would have no hesitation in using you again or making a referral. Apart from you, I have never used the same speaker twice so you must be doing something right.”

General Manager – Retail Distribution, ING

The response from our staff feedback was excellent, with a number of comments outlining how entertaining you were, but more importantly the valuable messages they got from the session……participation in your session is a great way to incite involvement…this has been one of the talking points since the conference ended.”

National Manager – Partner Support, Telstra Consumer Marketing