Would you like to present better than most professional
speakers in less than twelve hours?

Research has shown that if you can present effectively and confidently, you become more persuasive, you advance your career more rapidly and you will command higher salaries. Yet, according to a survey conducted by the Sunday Times of London, the fear of public speaking was number one for 41% of the 3,000 people surveyed, and death was number one for 19%.

Because of Ron Lee’s background in acting, stand-up comedy, improvisational theatre and professional speaking since 1989, you will be presenting better than most professional speakers. In a group dynamic, you will be trained according to your strengths, individuality and uniqueness.

This program is of a performing arts standard far beyond traditional public speaking training. Many graduates have subsequently performed at The Comedy Store and other professional stand-up comedy venues.


  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Individuals


  • Turn nerves into positive energy.
  • Four techniques for remembering names more easily.
  • Perform without notes, regardless of the presentation length.
  • Greater control – project your voice powerfully and naturally.
  • Ad lib in any situation.
  • How to write and construct a presentation.
  • Increase your abilities of perception and expression.
  • Reduce self-consciousness.
  • Project authority and confidence, even if you are nervous.
  • Create and deliver humour naturally, credibly and effectively.
  • Learn the secrets of comedic timing.
  • Open the audience’s mind to your message.
  • Project your unique personal charisma.
  • Coping with the unexpected.
  • Grab the audience’s attention and hold it.
  • How to be yourself.
  • A natural approach to body language.
  • Become centred, grounded and unashamedly individual


Date and Time

Sat. 19 August 2017
9:00 am – 9:00 pm AEST


Holiday Inn Potts Point-Sydney
203 Victoria Street
Potts Point, NSW 2011

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Ron Lee’s one day workshop was the best of its kind that I have experienced (and I’ve been to many) and it was amazing how much we got through in the “extended” day. I couldn’t recommend this course more highly if you want to improve your voice projection, overcome nerves, improve the way you develop presentations or to improve your public speaking skills in general. The number of participants was ideal in that there were sufficient to ensure a range of backgrounds, styles and perspectives but small enough that everyone got to know one another and build up sufficient trust to step outside their comfort zones.”

Antony CampbellManaging Director, Parson Consulting Australia

I derived the most benefit from understanding that we are unique and that’s OK. Mostly enjoyed the focussing and other people’s presentations and feeling absolutely fabulous when everyone enjoyed my presentation. What did I like about Ron’s technique? Everything – very relaxed style. I felt at ease from the beginning. I will now deliver according to who I am. I will not be as concerned about what I think the audience is expecting. Loved the day. I know I will be more effective because of it. Rating : Excellent.”

Jennifer SantoroTraining Manager, HCF.

Thank you so much for the Presentation Skills Workshop – it was the most amazing seminar / workshop that I have ever attended. Despite the Leonie Comfort Zone gap, I got so much from just one short day. It is almost a week later and I am still constantly thinking back and learning from the day. It was about so much more than presentation skills. Your ability to teach and your insistence on us “getting it” was just great. Your wisdom, passion and purpose are phenomenal. One day I will never forget – thank you.”

Leonie Hough Director, Water Treatment Services

Oh Ron, you are such a nice man, thank you SO much. I’ve just returned from another interstate trip to find your card on my desk. What a great way to start a day! The course was absolutely fantastic, I’ve spread the word to some of my CPM colleagues as well as here at AGL. But most importantly, I HAVE come away with more confidence and (sounds corny I know) a “can do attitude”. I addressed a group of colleagues yesterday, still quite a bit of flutter, but they all commented on what a good session it had been, so that’s thanks to you and the rest of the group. Wasn’t it a great group? Everyone was so different, yet we all had similar issues. Great that you’re running another session in October, I’ve passed on that info to everyone who has expressed an interest in attending. Thanks again Ron, you’re inspiring! And yes, I know you know that, but I just want to reiterate it!”

Gillian SmailesChannels Manager Field Sales, AGL

I will now have more confidence in my speeches. I really enjoyed this and I know it will help me in my swims and other parts of my career.”

Susie Maroney Marathon swimmer

Enjoyed and benefited from the breathing & relaxation exercises & use of humour. Ron is relaxed, sincere and very, very experienced.”

Con Kittos NSW Sales Manager

The course is about acquiring life skills, not just public speaking techniques… a unique approach to projecting oneself to the public.”

Don Koulaouzos Marketing Manager

Ron Lee’s presentation course is the most practical hands on and fun seminar I have ever been to. For anyone who gets nervous before a big presentation or is a little shy when it comes to speaking in front of people, then this course is an absolute must!! Sure, you learn about the ‘how to’ of presenting, but the real value and benefit of this course is that it teaches you all the other things about presenting that other courses have no idea about. Thanks again Ron for an entertaining day!” The main observation that I got from the day was that the other participants have massive power inside them and when they dared to release it out (or even give it permission to be released), it was inspiring.”

Brent Eaton CEO, Business Elevation

I really enjoyed the workshop and learned some good tips. It was good to be in a ‘non-Telstra’ environment and work with people I had never met before. Remembering people’s names is a real challenge for me and one which i am determined to master. Some key take outs for me are…keeping a humour file to build up my range of anecdotes, speaking with a more open mouth, I have been practising this all weekend and it is working well, using my new found ‘ninja skills’ – focusing, breathing etc.”Martin D’Allura

Training Delivery to Country Wide Sales Channels Telstra

Some of the ideas that really stood out for me were: “Everything is perception”. Especially in relation to the presentations we gave; we all had perceptions about ourselves that weren’t ‘reality’. And when you listened to everyone’s feedback at the end it was amazing to hear others perceptions of how well you had presented. Also; How to remember peoples’ names; I’ve been sharing this with my colleagues. I can still remember everyone’s name, where they sat and their pseudonym.

Lyn Robertson Learning & Development Co-ordinator, Penrith Panthers

I’ve attended hundreds of workshops and trainings over the years (as well as run and promoted a few myself!), so what impresses me most these days is usually the skill of the facilitator. This workshop was up there with the best of them! The exercises were structured in such a way that I could explore my own ‘edges’, as could all the participants, no matter what level of skill or previous experience we had. I found your simple approach to the structure and anatomy of a speech very useful, as well as the practical skills around the art of introducing and thanking a speaker. I acquired some new skills around projection – what was particularly valuable for me was learning to project both front and back. In addition, some subtle new distinctions arrived for me around non-coherent connections … ie. I initially had trouble being ‘loud’ (ie. projecting) and linking that with being ‘powerful’ – I realised I had linked being ‘loud’ to being ‘forceful’ and ‘aggressive’… which then unfolded other patterns. At the end of the day, this kind of work is all about putting it into practice and we had ample opportunity to do that in ways that were fun, engaging and energising. I feel like I made a significant shift around my anxiety levels in the lead-up to delivering a presentation, which I was able to ‘test’ in a presentation the evening following the workshop. The feedback around that presentation was great – I did use Powerpoint, but didn’t use my notes other than for referencing quotes. I didn’t feel quite so awkward in my body, was able to move around more, and in particular, was able to us my hands more than usual (holding notes has always given me something to do with my hands, so not having notes could potentially have felt more awkward!) I definitely felt more free than usual and actually enjoyed the experience of speaking, so that is definitely a shift! Thank you, Ron … for your skill as a facilitator and for attracting such a wonderful group of people.”

Jennifer MoalemPrincipal, Inspirall