Zen & The Art of Personal Power

Manifest levels of internal and external power that you previously didn’t believe would be possible.

  • Through the power of the mind, manifest levels of internal and external power that you previously didn’t believe would be possible.
  • Dramatically reduce your stress levels and be able to call on these techniques whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Balance the seven areas of your life.
  • Learn how to neutralize your perceptive of the issues that are holding back from realizing of your potential. Break through those barriers.
  • As pandemonium is occurring about you, be totally relaxed and make decisions with clarity & certainty.
  • Learn basic self-defence techniques.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your immune system.
  • Turn negative energy into positive energy.
  • Feel a significant increase in your personal power.
  • Advance beyond “going with the flow” to “guiding the flow”.
  • Easy conditioning for focusing on solutions rather than problems.
  • Be inspired to raise self-expectations of your personal performances.
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Our managers and representatives rated this our best ever conference and your segment was a vital component in ensuring that the conference concluded on a positive note.

National Sales Manager, Pfizer

…there is no doubting the impact of your presentation…there are a good number of people who have broken their own psychological barriers and seen ‘beyond the problem’ which will no doubt have a positive impact on the way they do business for the future.”

Phil CrockerDivision Manager, Dick Smith Electronics

…your session is the best our managers have experienced.”

Warren BestManager Advertising and Promotion, Bank of Queensland

...the ‘value added part of your presentation was the very real philosophies you espoused which will be invaluable to all who participated.”

David H. JeffriesDeputy Chief Executive, Bank of Queensland

Thank you for your participation in what was described as “The best conference I have ever been to”…your message and the manner in which you delivered it gave you a huge point of differentiation which ensured we drove our company message home….you really stood out and we are very pleased we went with you.”

Peter G. HigginsManaging Director, Mortgage Choice

Your keynote & platform sessions hit the nail on the head…Your enthusiasm, attitude and approach to life are a refreshing change and I would have no hesitation in using you again or making a referral. Apart from you, I have never used the same speaker twice so you must be doing something right.”

Wayne BeckerGeneral Manager – Retail Distribution, ING

The Conference we had at Coran Cove was voted the best we have had so far! I believe this is largely in part because of the input of our guest keynote speaker, The Corporate Ninja. Ron, you set the tone for the conference and, for the duration of our time there, all present remained firmly focussed on solutions rather than problems . This is in sharp contrast to previous conferences where discussions on problems, real or perceived, seemed to dominate. The hoax worked a treat and people still talk about it. But, what is more important are the lessons you taught us in the de-brief. I had cause to meet with our people in South Australia last week and over dinner they told me how applying what you had taught was getting them through some of the challenges they were facing, which earlier had seemed insurmountable. If even for that one small thing, having you address our conference was a worthwhile investment.

Edward Klimowicz Managing Director, Advanced National Services

I am delighted to say that the feedback from the staff has been tremendous. The conference has been unanimously voted as the ‘best yet’ and your contribution was significant.”

Peter WallaceGeneral Manager – Retail, Challenge Bank

Thankfully, the Total Quality Management Encouragement Award had you to uplift and inspire at the most critical moment. It is a consequence of your presentation which I believe ensured the evening ended on such a high note.”

Andrew GardnerMarketing Manager, NEC

The response from our staff feedback was excellent, with a number of comments outlining how entertaining you were, but more importantly the valuable messages they got from the session……participation in your session is a great way to incite involvement…this has been one of the talking points since the conference ended.”

Jenny Heid National Manager – Partner Support, Telstra Consumer Marketing

Thank you for a most inspiring and entertaining presentation at our conference…your message was very pertinent to our business.”

Peter CamphinRay White Real Estate