The Hoax

Everything is an illusion. Everything is perception. Nothing is as it seems.

Ron Lee plays the role of a Japanese industrial giant who is the central character in a motivationally interactive and inspirational presentation designed and written specifically for your organisation. He engages audience members to demonstrate the ways in which martial arts techniques assist individuals and companies in exceeding personal and corporate goals.

The philosophies come from the ancient writings of Chinese military general Sun Tzu (“The Art of War”) and from Miyamoto Musashi, an undefeated 17th century samurai who wrote about success, lifestyle, self-motivation and achievement (“A Book of Five Rings”).

After making an announcement that shocks those present, he conducts question time in which the answers are both outrageous and credible. At an appropriate moment, he reverts to Ron Lee who gives a humorous and comprehensive debrief of the exercises and how they relate to the
company message.

We pinpoint your corporate message to focus on such specifics as sales, leadership, change, teams and empowerment. Participants focus on solutions rather than problems and are inspired to raise levels of self-expectation of their personal performance. The “value-add” is martial arts-based inspiration that you can use immediately in business and personal life.

The purpose of The Ninja is to motivate, entertain, and inspire. You get an entertaining, comedy hoax along with powerful and valuable messages.

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Ron was excellent, he was very humorous, and covered the subject extremely well. The audience was totally fooled.
I highly recommend Ron Lee, he made the function a complete success.

Grant HockingProfessor of Engineering Geology

It was a great sight to see 300 Accountants and Fund Managers listening to you extol the virtues of martial arts in Japanese Management and then to see their faces when your secret was revealed. One delegate, who once worked with you, did not know it was Ron Lee who had her total attention. Unbelievable but true! Five months later our Members are still talking about you. I doubt we will ever come across a better opening session."

Barry LambertManaging Director, Count Wealth Accountants

The hoax was great! Our guest speaker was the best ever! The continued training provided a great stimulus for all involved – you showed our team parts of themselves of which they were, in the main, quite unaware. Your contribution to the success of our two-day conference was crucial – it wouldn’t have been half the event but for your being there.”

David WallisSales Director, Mitsui Comtek Corp.

Dr Kinoshita was certainly the highlight and will be talked about for some time to come…hailed by many as the ‘best ever’.”

Alan W. JamesManaging Director & Head of Investment Banking Division, Australia & New Zealand, Deutsche Bank

What a success. Thank you so much for doing your great performance at our company conference in Kolding last week. As a conclusion of three days you were simply perfect. You gave everybody a most overwhelming experience and I hope that we will be able to repeat this tremendous success for another audience.”

Christian Jepson Managing Director, Denmark, GlaxoSmithKline

Lexmark International has just enjoyed its most successful conference ever – and it was largely due to your amazing hoaxing, sales training and team building. Many of our attendees summed up with just one word – awesome.”

Sharyn ParkerEvent & Promotions Manager, Lexmark International

“I thought I should write to you to say how much my partners and I enjoyed the outstanding contribution which “Professor Takashi Kinoshita” made our recent staff conference – it will be a hard act for us to follow in putting together our next gathering.”

Jeremy St JohnPartner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

I’m so surprised with the amount of praise that we have received that my feet are still touching the ground!”

Lynne Sutton Sealcorp

“Many thanks for an excellent presentation on the final day of the Tandy Conference. As you could tell from the standing ovation, the impact of your address was considerable and greatly enjoyed by all. From an organiser’s point of view, all of the staff at On Targett would like to extend our thanks for your most professional support and research to a very specific brief and exacting client.”

Beverley WoodDirector, OnTargett

I cannot recommend your services highly enough, to any prospective client who needs to give their function that something extra, be it product launch or business conference.”

Peter FrancisManager Security Marketing – Communication Products, Sony

Please accept my sincere thanks for the tremendous show you put on for our dealers over three days at Eastern Creek Raceway during our most successful launch…I heard nothing but good feedback on your routine each day. I am sure that other companies would be well served in considering your talents for their corporate communications.”

Toby O’BreeToby O’Bree, Advertising Manager, Subaru

The reaction was amazing! I was sitting at the back of the hall and the looks of wonderment, puzzlement and fascination were evident on many faces…a most entertaining breakfast session.”

Bob EganConvention Manager, Housing Industry Association Ltd

I was absolutely delighted with your session and the reaction of our clients.”

Graeme RussellEngineering Manager, Munchener Ruch, Munich Re Group

Your inscrutable smile is a winner. Your theatrics are mega. Your timing is impeccable. Your presentation was the best thing since Kwai Chang Cain burned those dragons on his forearms! You are better than monkey!!"

Jonathan RickettsDirector, Organisers Australia

It was a marvellous way to round-off our most successful Convention yet.”

Noel PettersenExecutive Director

Feedback from attendees has been exceptional and it is one business lunch that will be remembered for years to come.”

Angela SchulzMarketing Co-ordinator, CPA Australia